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Title: Functionally graded piezoceramic ultrasonic transducers
Authors: Samadhiya, Ritesh
Mukherjee, Abhijit
Keywords: Ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers;grading of transducers
Issue Date: 3-Oct-2006
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Citation: Smart Mater. Struct. 15(2006) 1627-1631
Abstract: Ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers that are employed in various applications are desired to produce a broadband frequency spectrum. However, interference from the waveform to a very short time. this paper discusses grading of the transducer as a means of alleviating the sympathetic pulses. a simple one-dimensional model based on the spectral approach has been presented. The piezoelectric constant e33 is graded in various manners and their performances are evaluated. The signal qualities are evaluated through their Euclidean distances from the applied voltage pulse. Linearly graded thransducers show the best results.
ISSN: 0964-1726
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