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Title: Online Webshopping
Authors: Moorthy, M.Hari
Supervisor: Aggarwal, Himanshu
Keywords: Webshoping;E-Commerce;Computer Science
Issue Date: 14-Nov-2007
Abstract: Hitherto Internet is mainly used for sharing resources and data across the globe. It is now increasingly used for business and commerce applications. Against this backdrop, Online-shopping application is undertaken as project work. Web design and e-commerce subtleties are enumerated and are followed by pictorial conceptualisation of the application. The context diagram, user interface and flow control (E-R diagram) supply clue as to how proceed for implementation. Later, software approaches for client side and server side programming are discussed. It being net being application, HTML is used for the presentation of data to the user and JavaScript for client side validations of user responses. Server side programming is implemented in JAVA using Servlets and RM1 APt's. The servlet API is very strong on server side and totally obleviates the use of CG,I scripts. The JDBC, Java API for database connectivity is also discussed briefly. The JDSC API provides classes and methods that help access and retrieval of data from underlying .databases. The chapter on e-commerce is devoted to the discussion of standards, finer points of site design and about the site servers. The project is implemented according to 3-tier paradigm namely the client, the intermediate server (middle tier) and the server.
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