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Title: Design and Development of Grid Portal
Authors: Bansal, Bhawna
Supervisor: Bawa, Seema
Keywords: Grid Portal;Grid Computing;Computer Science
Issue Date: 14-Nov-2007
Abstract: Grid computing has added a new dimension to the world of distributed computing. The Grid infrastructure facilitates the execution of compute-intensive application in a collaborative and dynamic manner. The services provided by Grids enable programmers or users to carry out their work using geographically distributed heterogeneous resources. But to harness the power of the Grid, users need to effectively interact with Grid environment. By developing user-friendly interfaces for the Grid, known as Grid Portals, interaction of users with Grid is made simple, effective and efficient. Grid portals allow users, who may not be aware of the intricate details and working of the Grid, to use the Grid resources effectively and in a user friendly manner. Grid portals provide an easy mechanism for its users to acquire a user account on the Grid and register resources for their jobs. The design and development details of Grid portals have been discussed in detail. Grid Portals can be developed with help of portal development kits like Grid Portal Development Kit and Grid port3. With the help of these kits we can develop the portals that are user friendly and fulfill all the existing standards. A specific Grid portal named "TIET Grid Portal" has been developed using Globus tool kit on windows2000 platform and JAVA.
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