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Title: Object-Oriented Programming of Numerical Methods with GUI
Authors: Sivaprasad, A.
Supervisor: Aggarwal, Himanshu
Keywords: Computer Oriented Numerical Methods;Graphic User Interface;Numerical Problems;Computer Science
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2007
Abstract: Computer oriented numerical methods are widely used to solve many real life engineering and scientific problems. The prime objective of this thesis work is to prepare a software package to solve numerical problems by using object-oriented approach. The design (modeling) of this package is done using Unified Modeling Language (UML). The implementation of this UML design is done using object-oriented languages C++ and Java. The software is developed using VC++6 and Java2 (independently in both languages). The package consists of three layers. The first is a GUI menu from which the user can interact with the software. The menu program activates GUI front-end program (second layer) as per user's choice. One GUI front-end program is developed for each type of problem. The user can get the solution of numerical problems by entering data in the GUI screen. To get the solution of the problem the user need not know the procedure to solve any programming knowledge to use this software. The third layer in this software numerical library or package that consists of classes for different types of problems. The GUI program calls operations of these classes after entry of required data (by the user) on the screen, gets solution of the problem, and displays result. The programmers can make use of classes in the library or package in their own programs. In VC++6 the library is implemented as static linked library, where as in Java2 the classes are put together in a package named numerical. VC++ programmers can make use of these classes using include statement for the corresponding header file, where as Java2 programmers can do it using import statement.
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