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Title: Analysis and Design of Materials Information System in DCW Patiala
Authors: Kumar, Rajiv
Supervisor: Bansal, P. K.
Goyal, D. P.
Keywords: Decision making;Operating System;Management Information System;Computer Science
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2007
Abstract: Decision-making constitutes an important and essential part of policy formulations for any organization operating in domestic or global environment. Instantaneous availability of outstanding information ensures accuracy of the decision. The multidimensional and voluminous data availability makes data handling and maintenance a difficult task. Management Information System becomes handy in the decision-making process of managers. MIS is an integrated and user-machine Management Information System for providing information to support operations, management, and decision-making functions in an organization and utilizes computer hardware, software, manual procedures, models for analysis, planning, control and decision-making and a database. A system designer develops an information system according to the needs of an organization. But it has been observed that there remains a communication gap between the decision makers and system developers, mainly because of their different perceptions about the information system. This is responsible for various shortcomings in the developed system. This is responsible for various shortcomings in the developed systems. In this study an attempt has been made to develop an information system of the organization, DCW Patiala, which would address the information needs of organization managers. Since there are number of process development models thast must be adhered to, while designing such information systems. Selecrtion and complying of the appropriate model helps in efficient design. This study also analyzed and evaluated various process development models under different parameters. On the basis of the study, applicability and relevance, System Development Life Cycle Approach has been found to be the most suitable as compared to other models namely, prototyping, waterfall, iterative and thus applied for developing Materials Information System of the organization, DCW Patiala. Further the requirement analysis and feasibility study has also been undertaken for the organization in question. Depending upon stated parameters and intensive discussions with the managers of organization, conceptual design, detailed technical design and appropriate database for the problem in hand has been prepared. A pseudocode has been given for various modules used in system development. The thus designed system has been found to their utmost satisfaction and addresses to all the communication gaps between the users and developers. Further, the developed information system, would be optimal for present needs, flexible enough to cope up with future changes, and would have minimum failure rate.
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