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Title: Zinc Selenide Nanostructures and Effect of Impurities
Authors: Sharma, Nidhi
Supervisor: Verma, N. K.
Keywords: Zinc Selenide Nanaostuctures;Impurities
Issue Date: 13-Aug-2007
Abstract: ZnSe is an important II-VI semiconductor and has been highlighted as an efficient emitter because of its high quantum yield and proper band gap in the visible range. PVP capped, pure and doped (Mn, Cu, Co) ZnSe nanoparticles (average diameter ~ 14 nm) have been synthesized using chemical precipitation technique in the aqueous media. The average particle size has been calculated using X-ray diffraction pattern and the Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) images. SAED pattern showed the crystalline nature of the synthesized material. Laser induced photoluminescence studies have been done to calculate various parameters like excited state lifetimes, emission wavelengths and trap depth values of the fabricated nanoparticles.
Description: M.Tech (Materials Science and Engg.), June 2007
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