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Title: Influence of Binders on the Magnetic Properties of Strontium Ferrite and NdFeB Compression Bonded Magnets
Authors: Jindal, Himanshu
Supervisor: Pandey, O.P.
Sharma, Puneet
Keywords: Magnetic Properties of Strontium Ferrite;Bonded Magnet;Pulse Magnetizer;Sem Micrograph;Sintered Magnet
Issue Date: 1-May-2007
Abstract: Magnets are ubiquitous in the modern society. Magnetic materials play a key role in industry. It has got many applications like ac and dc motors, stepper motors, synchronous motors, transformers, moving coil actuators, magnetic suspension, sensors, steady fields. Major application in information storage media like hard disks, communications, medical electronics & bio-engineering. Presently the global market value of these material is about 3.6 billion dollars annually which is rapidly increasing with an estimated value of 11 billion dollars by the year 2005. Magnets attract certain metals such as Fe, Ni, Co, certain steels and other alloys. Magnet exerts attractive or repulsive force on other magnets (opposite poles attract and like poles respell). It exerts force on electrical conductors when the magnet and conductor are moving in relation to each other. It also affects the path taken by electrically charged particles traveling in free space. Actually magnet transforms energy from one form to another without any permanent loss of their own energy.
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