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Title: Exprimental and Numerical Analysis of Tensile Test
Authors: Kaur, Gurpreet
Supervisor: Saini, J. S.
Keywords: Tensile Test;Stress Strain Behavior;Force Equilibrium;Corten Steel
Issue Date: 1-May-2007
Abstract: Tensile test is an important standard engineering procedure to characterize properties related to mechanical behaviour of materials. To properly describe the response of the material during the actual loading conditions, the variation in geometry of the specimen has to be considered. Although the behaviour of the material in elastic limit is of considerable importance but the knowledge beyond elastic limit is also relevant since plastic effects with large deformation takes place in number of manufacturing processes. The mechanical behaviour of Corten Steel, used in manufacturing of railway coaches are important properties used in the crash analysis of the component. Finite Element Method being a widely used tool for analysis due to revolution in computer field is used for the analysis of the components. The present work describes the behavior of Corten Steel sheet specimens in plastic range. Finite element method was employed for the analysis of tensile test.
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