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Title: Studies on Polymeric Bioflocculant Producing Microorganisms
Authors: Lchhawani, Pankaj
Supervisor: Ghosh, Moushumi
Keywords: Polymeric Bioflocculant;Synthetic Flocculants;Molecular Fatty Acids
Issue Date: 1-May-2007
Abstract: Industrial waste water, sludge and soil samples were screened for bacterial isolates capable of producing flocculants. Out of the fourteen isolates obtained, two isolates possessed significant flocculating abilities and were used for further studies. The effects of cultural conditions viz: pH, carbon, nitrogen sources, temperature and starvation were investigated on the production of bioflocculants by theses two isolates. Isolate 1 was found to prefer glucose, ammonium sulfate and peptone for flocculant production; the optimum pH for flocculant production were 7.5. Na+ and Mg++, static conditions and carbon starvation decreased flocculant production. Isolate 2 produced lower amounts of flocculant as Compared with isolate 1. when this cultured with glucose, ammonium sulfate and peptone. The optimum pH for flocculant production were also 7.5 respectively.. Na+ and Mg++, Static conditions and carbon starvation decrease flocculant production marginally.
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