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Title: Study of IP Multimedia Subsystems and Inplementation of PoC on Mobile Sets
Authors: Saxena, Hazel
Supervisor: Kaur, Navjot
Keywords: IP Multimedia Subsystems;Session Initiation Protocol;Push to Talk Over Cellular;Adaptive Multi Rate
Issue Date: 1-May-2007
Abstract: Over past few years many major industry developments have taken place resulting in audio, video and data-enhanced, real-time communications out from the realm of highly specialized applications. Multimedia systems have become one of the popular services provided on the wireless networks. The modern view of multimedia communications and multimedia networks has its roots in videoconferencing. The traditional view of multimedia-enabled networks often looks for tangible value in terms of cost savings, especially reduced travel expenses. IP multimedia Subsystems have a vision to combine two most successful and important technologies in communications: wireless cellular networks and internet. IMS provides a single platform to all the present technologies as well as to the future technologies. The next generation networks provided a new face to the telecommunication world. Earlier the main emphasis was on speech and speech related services, but nowadays the main aim is to enable faster data rates and various multimedia services. IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) provide a single platform for all the present as well as future technologies. IMS enables a whole new set of services such as Push to talk Over Cellular (PoC) which is a novel concept of combining converging digital content formats, IP protocols and cellular packet bearers to provide a proven case –Voice Group Call .PoC is a type of communication service that sets up a channel between two or more users without the need to dial a connection or a set up a call. PoC is a new type of service with distinctive features. Many times, PoC is marketed or regarded in the press as a cheaper telephony replacement. The characteristics of PoC makes it very suitable for packet networks, and it has the potential to significantly increase the GPRS traffic in today’s networks. It is also a forerunner to the peer-to-peer services over IP for which the IMS architecture provides the capabilities and foundation. The recent buzzword, PoC, introduces the next wave of technology serving the basic human interaction mode of group communication.
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