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Title: Material Parameters and Creep in a Rotating Composite Cylinder
Authors: Sachan, Kapil
Supervisor: Gupta, V. K.
Nanda, Tarun
Keywords: Steady State Creep;Sherby's Law;Ductile Materials;Creep Law
Issue Date: 1-May-2007
Abstract: The steady state creep in a rotating cylinder made of isotropic aluminium-silicon carbide particulate composite has been investigated in the present study. The creep behaviour of the composite has been described by Sherby’s law. The creep parameters in the law have been extracted from the available experimental results for Al-SiCP under uniaxial creep. The radial, tangential and axial stresses and steady state creep rates in the cylinder have been calculated and presented for various combinations of material parameters (like particle size and particle content) and temperatures. The study revealed that the stress distributions in the cylinder do not vary significantly for various combinations of particle size, particle content and operating temperature except for slight variation observed for varying particle content. However, the tangential as well as radial strain rates in the cylinder decrease significantly with decreasing SiCp size, with increasing SiCp content and with decreasing operating temperature.
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