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Title: Disease Diagnostic System using LabVIEW
Authors: Goyal, Deepanshu
Supervisor: Singla, Sunil Kumar
Keywords: Labview;Disease Diangostic System;Fuzzy Logic;Anatomy of Blood
Issue Date: 19-Apr-2007
Abstract: The most challenging problem troubling the world today is the spread of diseases and the consequent sufferings of the innocent inhabitants of this planet. The doctors and researchers all over the world work, jointly and separately, day and night to combat this grave problem to the maximum extent they can. In spite of this conscious and collective effort mistakes do occur and sometimes these prove to be highly fatal. Most of the times the mistakes are due to wrong diagnosis, the starting step towards implementing a cure. Engineer can contribute in this field by developing a software or computer program, called Expert System, which can aid the doctor in diagnosing a disease. This expert system will surely bring down the mistakes which in turn will be a boon for humanity. One such system to diagnose various kinds of anemias, using the concept of fuzzy logic on LabVIEW platform, has been attempted by us in this research. Our present work presents the design and development of a prototype expert system for clinical diagnosis by applying fuzzy set theory to inference process and knowledge representation. The design aligns the structure and work of the diagnosis mechanism similarly to the decision –making process of a physician by dividing the diagnosis in to two parts. The first part of the diagnosis is to find the group of diseases using fuzzy inference and the fuzzy knowledge base. The second part is to find a disease using the knowledge base. The rule base and the fuzzy sets are developed after consultation with doctors in Patiala. The system has been designed keeping in mind the critical criterions of user friendliness, high speed of execution and easy modifiability in case of any need.
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