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Title: Structural and Dielectric Investigations of Nano Dispersed Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride) (PVDF) Composites
Authors: Katoch, Akash
Supervisor: Raina, K. K.
Keywords: PVDF, MWCNT, SiO2, Relative permittivity
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2009
Abstract: The present work focused on the synthesis of b-phase and doping of nano materials in PVDF polymer in the mixed solvent system (THF/DMF). Our results indicate that the b-phase formation increased with increasing the DMF concentration and become dominant at 5:5 ratio (THF/DMF). Further we also synthesised MWCNTs and SiO2 nanoparticle dispersed composite systems. Structural and chemical analysis of composite system suggests that the dispersion of CNTs does not disturb the crystal structure of b-phase of PVDF. However, dispersion of SiO2 nanoparticles suppresses the b-phase and enhances the a-phase. The dielectric behaviour of composite systems was investigated in the frequency range 50 Hz to1 MHz. Our finding shows that with the addition of MWCNTs , the relative permittivity increased by 12 times as compared to pure PVDF. The addition of SiO2 nanoparticles is also showing increase in the permittivity but magnitude is less.
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