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Title: Morphological and Dielectric Behaviour of Dye Dispersed Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Composite Films
Authors: Makkar, Preeti
Supervisor: Raina, K. K.
Keywords: SCE9, SmC*, SmA, anthraquinone dye
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2009
Abstract: The dielectric spectroscopy and electrooptic response of the ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture SCE9 doped with different concentrations of antraquinone dye upto 2.0 wt% has been studied in the frequency range 50Hz-1MHz.Our finding shows that with the dispersion of dye molecules,the SmC*-SmA transition temperature shift to lower side.The permittivity increases up to 1.0wt% concentration of dye and then depleated at higher concentration.The effect of dye addition on different parameters such as Goldstone mode relaxation frequency,spontaneous polarisation and rotational viscosity have also been discussed
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