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Title: An Efficient Method for the Practical Planning of Radial Distribution Network
Authors: Tiwari, Ashutosh Kumar
Supervisor: Aabha
Keywords: Radial Distribution Network
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2009
Abstract: ABSTRACT The close proximity of distribution network to the consumers of electricity, it has become necessity to explore the area of practical planning of distribution system. In this work the practical planning of distribution system include the selection of optimal conductor size selection and capacitor placement in radial distribution network. The optimal conductor size selection, in this work, is based on a practical method which combines the current density based method and a heuristic index directed method. The load flow analysis is carried out to the distributed system power flow. The capacitor placement includes the voltage constraint and load variation. This is done by coggin method. Coggin method is search technique in which quadratic convergence is used. The problem capacitor placement has been represented by a objective function and minimal of the objective function is found using coggin method.
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