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Title: Dynamic Performance of Wind Driven Induction Generator
Authors: Gupta, Sahil
Supervisor: Jain, Sanjay Kumar
Keywords: Induction Machine;Induction Generator;Wind Generator;Reference Frame Theory
Issue Date: 8-Sep-2009
Abstract: The increasing concern about various aspects of conventional generating units like depleting fossil fuels, environmental consideration and huge amount of money and time in implementing them have forced the research companies to exploit the renewable energy sources using small generating units. The wind energy which is fully renewable has a great potential and being exploited by many. Statistically, the share of wind energy in power sector is less; its share is nowadays growing at high rate. The generating schemes employ induction generators. The work reported in this thesis focused on the dynamic analysis of wind driven cage induction generator. The performance has been studied for two cases namely direct grid connected induction generator and grid connected induction generator with local load and capacitor. For this, the d-q variable models in synchronous reference frame have been developed and performance is simulated by fourth order Runga Kutta integration method. The performance has been studied for change in various parameters like prime mover speed, transmission line resistance and reactance, change in reactive power compensation and load. The unpredictability of wind has been simulated by various functions. The change in wind speed leading to change in torque calculated using Cp-λ curve.
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