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Title: Performance Comparison Of PID, FLC and MPC Controller: A Comparative Case Study
Authors: Agrahari, Sachin
Supervisor: Singh, Yaduvir
Singh, Hardeep
Keywords: PID, FLC and MPC Controller
Issue Date: 3-Sep-2009
Abstract: This work provides the knowledge about the advance technique like Fuzzy Logic controller technique and MPC, Modal Predictive control technique, to get the better response of the system, when input like unit step input and unit ramp input is applied as the set point of the system. A comparative study is made on the performance of the PID,FLC and MPC controller getting better system parameter like Maximum overshoot( p M ),Rise time( r t ),Peak time( p t ) Settling time( s t ),Steady state error( ss e ).Finally a simulation block is made using simulink library browser where all the blocks are given. In the response it is found that settling time, rise time steady state error is less in case of MPC controller rather than PID and FLC controller. Study shows more accurate result using Fuzzy controller over PID controller, further better result got in case of MPC controller
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