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Title: An Adaptive Zooming Algorithm for Images
Authors: Kumar, Mayank
Supervisor: Kumar, Ajay
Singh, Singara
Keywords: MAE, MSE, CCC, and PSNR
Issue Date: 6-Aug-2009
Abstract: Image zooming is the process of enlarging the image to as desired magnification factor. But while enlarging an image there are few parameters that we have to keep in mind. When the image is zoomed, artifacts like blurring, jagging and ghosting may arise. So the main focus is on the reduction of these artifacts. Our algorithm deals with the edges. It is basically designed to preserve the edges. It’s as adaptive zooming algorithm which focuses on preserving edges. Our algorithm reduces the jagging. Blurring is reduced a lot in our algorithm. To compare our algorithm with existing algorithms, we have taken few real world images and results are visually compared. And we have come to the decision that our algorithm is better than the traditional methods. We have compared the images by four ways – MAE, MSE, CCC, and PSNR.
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