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Title: Magicity Among Super Deformed Nuclei using Two Center Shell Model
Authors: Singla, Shilpy
Supervisor: Sharma, Manoj Kumar
Keywords: Super Deformed Nuclei;Shell Model
Issue Date: 4-Aug-2009
Abstract: The relative stability of superdeformed nuclei in mass region A=68-82 has been carried out systematically in the recent times on the basis of cluster decay process. These studies establish that 76 Kr is the most stable nucleus among various isotopes of Sr and Zr isotopes in this special island of superdeformed nuclei. These studies are extremely important in order to understand various nuclear properties and synthesis process of heavy/superheavy nuclear systems. It is relevant to mention here that deformed /superdeformed target projectile combinations are being preferred in recent times for the obvious reason that the fusion probability gets enhanced with the choice of target/projectile combinations in place of spherical ones, in the present work we have carried out systematic study and the decay of stable nucleus 76 Kr using Two Center Shell Model (TCSM). We have done the calculations for four nucleon clusterization of 76 Kr. Here we have optimized the quadrupole deformation (β21) of one fragment and vary the β22 of the complementary fragment. The gap between last filled and first empty level gets maximized. The λ (elongation) is taken at touching configuration and ε (neck parameter) is taken fix as ε =0.75 as referred to dinuclear system model calculations. Our TCSM, calculations clearly depict that 76 Kr nuclear system is most stable against 16 O cluster followed by fragment mass A2 =32, 36 and 20.
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