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Title: Choosing Best Algorithm Design Strategies For a Particular Problem
Authors: Nigam, Shailendra Kumar
Supervisor: Garg, Deepak
Kumar, Ravinder
Keywords: Choosing Best Algorithm Design Strageies
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2009
Abstract: Algorithms have come to be recognized as the cornerstone of computing. Algorithm design strategies are typically organized either by application area or by design technique. This report describes different designing algorithms such as Brute force, Greedy, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic programming, Backtracking, Branch and Bound and many more. It describes how a particular algorithm is used for a specific problem. This report also proposes how to choose the best algorithm design strategy for a particular problem to facilitate the development of best algorithms based upon algorithm design strategy techniques. It also describes how a particular algorithm is used for a specific problem. Taking various parameters does a comparison of various algorithms. This report advocates a wider use of different problems in teaching the best algorithm design strategies.
Description: M.E.(Software Engineering)
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