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Title: Behavior Analysis of Optical Banyan Network on Vertical Stacking
Authors: Nagarjun, K
Supervisor: Rinkle Aggarwal
Keywords: Optical MIN;Vertical Stacking;Nonbloking;Pruning
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2009
Abstract: Multistage Interconnection Networks (MINs) are very popular in switching and communication applications and have been used in telecommunication and parallel computing systems for many years. Extensive research has been done on Electronic Multistage Interconnection Networks (EMINs) but these days advances in electro-optic technologies have made optical communication a promising networking choice to meet the increasing demands of high-performance computing communication applications for high channel bandwidth and low communication latency. The electronic Multistage Interconnection Networks (EMINs) and the Optical Multistage Interconnection Networks (OMINs) have many similarities, but there are some fundamental differences between them. The new challenges facing optical MINs such as the optical-loss during switching and the crosstalk (it is caused by coupling two signals within a switching element). Banyan networks are attractive switching networks because they are fast in switch setting (self-routing) and also have small number of switches between an input-output pair. Vertical stacking of optical banyan networks is a novel scheme for building nonblocking and crosstalk-free optical switching network, but significantly increases the hardware cost. This thesis, analyses the blocking probability in the optical networks and the deterministic conditions for strictly nonblocking and rearrangeably nonblocking Vertically Stacked Optical Banyan (VSOB) Networks with and without link failures. It also includes the new approach called pruning of banyan structure to save the hardware cost. In this approach two kinds of banyan planes are used: pruned and regular banyan. A plane is pruned by eliminating some of its switching elements as those are never used in the system.
Description: M.E(CSE)
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