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Title: Servo Control of Induction Motor Drive using Indirect Vector Control
Authors: Kishore, D V Krishna
Supervisor: Chauhan, Yogesh Kumar
Keywords: indirect vector control;induction motor drive,;fuzzy logic controller;servo control
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2008
Abstract: The vector control of induction motor is used instead of conventional scalar control aims at decoupling the torque and flux producing components of the stator current under all operating speed and load conditions. Consequently, the drive can be tuned for quasi – instantaneous tracking of load and reference changes. The speed information is normally applied to a Fuzzy PI controller, thus generating the necessary current vector command for achieving independent torque control. The d-q model of the induction motor is used in the stationary reference frame for the analysis purpose. The indirect field – oriented induction motor drive where the torque and flux producing components of the stator current are generated from a Fuzzy PI controller. The complete system is simulated in Sim Power Sim/Simulink (MATLAB). The proposed system track command speed and rejects the step disturbances in load torque with zero steady state error and very least transient response error which provides instantaneous torque control. The four quadrant operation is simulated through the developed controller, and the excellent results shows the superb working of fuzzy rule based controller of indirect vector control of induction motor.
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