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Title: Emotional Experiences of Men at the Workplace
Authors: Khera, Aastha
Supervisor: Vyas, Kriti
Keywords: Male;Emotional Expression;Emotional Labour;Emotional Exhausation
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2024
Abstract: Emotions play a pivotal role in shaping cognition, behavior, and interpersonal relationships, yet their complexity presents a challenge for comprehensive understanding. This study focused on how emotional experiences and encounters of male are different in emotionally demanding industries and emotionally non demanding industries. The study focuses on understanding emotional expression, emotional labour, and emotional exhaustion at the workplace. Sample of 180 participants was taken using a simple random sampling technique. Mixed method design was used to gain in depth knowledge on emotional experiences of men at the workplace. The research is divided into phases. Phase 1 explored the differences on these three variables in female dominated industry and male dominated industry. Male role norms inventory’s subscale restrictive emotionally, Emotional labour scale, and the maslach burnout inventory’s subscale emotional exhaustion was used. The results suggested a significant difference in emotional labour and emotional exhaustion in female dominated and male dominated industries. Phase 2 explored the differences in the same variables in emotionally demanding and non-demanding industries. Results suggested a significant difference in emotional expression and deep acting dimension of emotional labour of the participants. Finally, thematic analysis was used to understand the factors leading to differences in these two industries.
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