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Title: Mitigation of Blackspots with Help of Standalone Flyover on Stretches of NH 31 And 31C in State of Assam
Authors: Chatak, Aditya
Supervisor: Chopra, Tanuj
Sahdeo, Surya Kant
Papreja, Tanuj
Keywords: Black spot;Road Safety Audit;Flexible pavemaent;Horizontal curve;Design speed
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2023
Abstract: This report examines the mitigation of black spots on NH 31 and NH 31C in the state of Assam through effective interventions such as geometric design, pavement design, signage planning, and junction development. Black spots, known for their high accident rates, pose significant challenges to road safety and traffic flow. This study evaluates the effectiveness of these specific measures in reducing accidents and improving overall highway safety. Geometric design plays a vital role in mitigating black spots. By utilizing advanced tools like Civil 3D, the report explores geometric improvements such as curve realignment, carriageway widening, and clear zone provisions. These design interventions aim to enhance driver visibility, maneuverability, and overall safety on the highway. Pavement design is another critical factor in black spot mitigation. The report emphasizes the use of appropriate pavement thickness. Implementing these strategies minimizes accidents caused by poor road conditions and enhances overall safety. Signage planning is essential in black spot mitigation. The report highlights the importance of clear and strategically placed signage to provide timely information and warnings to drivers, aiding decision-making and reducing the likelihood of accidents. Moreover, the report addresses the significance of junction development. Effective design and engineering of junctions, including roundabouts and signalized intersections, significantly reduce accidents at critical points along the highway. Through comprehensive analysis and case studies, this report demonstrates the benefits and effectiveness of geometric design using Civil 3D, pavement design by IITPave, signage planning, and junction development in mitigating black spots on highways. Implementing these measures leads to a significant reduction in accidents and improves overall road safety. The recommendations provided in this report guide transportation agencies, engineers, and policymakers in implementing appropriate mitigation strategies for black spots. By integrating these interventions, highways can become safer, with reduced accidents, improved traffic flow, and enhanced transportation efficiency.
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