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Title: Effects of Near-field and Far-field ground motions on Nonlinear Response of RC Building
Authors: Yashwi, Bansal
Supervisor: Trishna, Choudhury
Mahajan, Divey
Keywords: Near-field;Far-field;Characterization of ground motion;Infill frame;NLTHA
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2023
Abstract: To perform a design or assessment considering earthquakes, Non-Linear Time History Analysis (NLTHA) is the approach that attempts to fully represent the seismic response of buildings without any of the major simplifying assumptions, such as ignoring nonlinearity and /or dynamic effects. Even though there is a clear need for analysis, there are many uncertainties regarding its application the primary difficulty in using this type of recording is the lacking of a unified criterion in the selection of the ground motion parameters. Therefore, this situation creates a necessity to investigate methods for earthquake selection and their respective reliability verification. The present study describes the procedure for the selection of ground motion and identifying ground motion parameters to understand their effect on the response of the structure. Characterisation is one of the necessary studies to compare about the behaviour varying the type of earthquake (near field/far field) ground. Furthermore, the study aims at obtaining the seismic response of building incorporating the effects of near-field and far-field ground motions on building structure and comparison of results for both types of ground motions.
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