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Title: UML Design Based Testing
Authors: Singh, Gurpreet
Supervisor: Bhatia, Rajesh Kumar
Keywords: Software Testing, UML, Class Diagrams
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2008
Abstract: Testing is very important part of software development. Almost 80% software fail because of not testing properly. Testing is performed by different types of strategies. Generally testing is performed on code, but if the software can be tested in the earlier phases then most of the errors can be eliminated and can be stopped from propagating to next phase. Thus there is a need to explore testing possibilities in earlier phases. The proposed work presents a novel design based testing approach that can fix errors in initial phase. To perform design based testing, we need a language that can deal with the design efficiently i.e. Unified Modeling Language (UML). UML consists of different designs that are used to specify the static and dynamic behavior of the software. UML diagrams are used for modeling object-oriented systems, not on structured systems. In the proposed system testing is performed on two diagrams i.e. class diagram and sequence diagram. Proposed system focuses on these two diagrams and with the help of these diagrams we can find out optimal solution and perform better testing than previous approaches. Class diagram based testing solves the problem of static test cases with automated method. Sequence diagram based testing solves the problem of dynamic test cases. Further with help of UML we can perform regression testing i.e. finding affect of change in design. The proposed work is divided into several modules that generate automated test cases for design. The modules are class analyzer, function analyzer, static test cases generator, sequence diagram based testing, dynamic test cases generator and regression testing module.
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