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Title: Electric Powertrain for an Electric Vehicle
Authors: Sharma, Ajay
Supervisor: Aggarwal, S. K.
Keywords: Electric Vehicle;Powertrain;Converters;Battery
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2023
Abstract: Due to the limitations and cost factor of crude oil and Carbon emission, there is a necessity to shift to Electric vehicle (EV), PHEV and HEV to reduce the consumption dependency on transport fuel (mostly petrol and diesel) and minimize the air pollution for the sustainable future.In the direction of fully utilization of electric vehicle there is a constant need of advancement and improvement in the field of e-vehicle by adopting new and advanced technology to improve the reliability and efficiency of the system. In today’s world where everyone is focusing on the development of electric vehicles, there is a need to improve some of the factors like reliability, range, and efficiency with the change in the power electronic-based vehicle assembly. We have also tried to study the latest trends and technology for competency development. Bosch Global is also focusing on EV technology by involving the methods of Patent study of Power electronics and Benchmarking to keep themselves up to date in the current market scenario and compete with different OEM’s. The purpose of these researchbased activities is to save time and shift the focus toward current trends and innovations. The research is based on prior technologies, new approaches, a n d qualitative case studies and includes a functional model to study, comparing the different models and showcasing the suitable result regarding reliability and cost. An e-powertrain Matlab/Simulink model is proposed in the research to check the validation with a patented article to minimize the conduction losses for the boost converter and provides better efficiency to drive the vehicle in both acceleration motoring mode and braking mode or generator mode.
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