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Title: Effect of Screen Time and Sleep Quality on Affect, Physical Activity and Quality of Life
Authors: Kaur, Harsimrat
Supervisor: Chowdhury, Ipshita
Keywords: Screen Time;Sleep Quality;Affect;Negative Affect;Quality of Life
Issue Date: 9-Mar-2023
Abstract: The present study aimed to see the effect of screen time on sleep quality, affect, physical activity and quality of life. Further, effect of sleep quality on affect, physical activity and quality of life was also measured. About 170 samples were collected of which 90 identified as females and 80 as males. The data was collected using the google forms. The data was analyzed using the SPSS and SmartPLS. It was concluded that increased screen time results in an increased sleep quality index which signifies a decreased sleep quality. Further, increased screen time was positively correlated to the positive affect experienced by an individual, negatively related to physical activity. Increased sleep quality has a positive correlation with positive affect, physical activity and quality of life but a negative correlation with negative affect. It was also noted that sleep quality mediated the relationship between total screen time and quality of life.
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