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Title: Manufacturing of Prototype Sample 1600 Amps Sandwich Bus duct
Authors: Kumar, Manish
Supervisor: Parkash, Surya
Sinha, Amrita
Agarwal, Amit
Keywords: Power distribution;Bus duct;Bus bar;Switch gear;Insulation
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2022
Abstract: Busbar Trunking system is Most popular alternatives to cable in electrical power distribution, it has extremely flexible in its design, requires less time for installation on-site, and is the most effective, secure, and optimal system for supplying electricity to high-rise buildings and industrial sites. Electrical power distribution for low voltage and high current systems is required by Busbar trunking systems. Due to a variety of factors, the fundamental design of the Busbar trunking System and the impact of electrical parameters on its design and operation must be researched and analyzed. BBT is currently being designed and tested by Larsen & Toubro for low or medium voltage and greater current ratings. IEC 61439 was utilized as a guideline for the design of the Busbar trunking system. As a result, they are conducting a significant amount of study into the construction, functionality, and influences of Busbar. This project was started in order to fully comprehend the impact of various phenomena, such as proximity effect, skin effect, inductance, magnetic fields, electrodynamic forces, contact resistance, and permittivity of insulation material, on the functionality of Busbar trunking systems and the importance of their design in practical situations. Another investigation was made to determine how a bus-running system would respond to a temperature rise under typical operating conditions. The method used to complete these tasks involves extensive research, the use of mathematical tools for any established mathematical models' implementation and verification, and in some cases, the use of software like FEMM to comprehend specific processes impacting Busbars.
Description: ME Thesis in Power System
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