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Title: Wild ber (Ziziphus nummularia) seeds: extraction and determination of proximate, functional, antioxidant and phenolic properties
Authors: Nain, Nidhi
Supervisor: Qadri, Ovais Shafiq
Keywords: wild ber;Functional properties;Fatty acid composition;Antioxidant;Nutrional Properties
Issue Date: 28-Sep-2022
Abstract: This study concludes that Ziziphus nummularia seeds are a possible source of natural antioxidant value for their nutritional, sensory, and health properties since they have a comparatively greater ratio of oil content that seems to be rich in free unsaturated fatty acids. As it has a high oil absorption capacity it can be a rich flavor retainer and could be used in the food industry. It also has a high-water holding capacity which indicates that Ziziphus seed flour may be suitable for usage in bread. Swelling capacity of the Ziziphus seed is also good swelling power which is a measure of hydration capacity. Due to this quality of food consumed can be checked. Due to the high amount of protein concentration present in Ziziphus seed protein from plants could be investigated as a superior nutritional supplement, particularly in developing nations. The crude fat content was also in a very good amount and there were also a lot of free fatty acids identified. So as a result, ber seed oil demonstrated massive promise as a substitute source of phytochemicals with therapeutic and dietary value. There were also antioxidants and phenolic contents. It can be used in the pharma industry in the development of new drugs for several diseases.
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