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Title: CaO/MgO Effect on the Crystallisation and Optical Properties of Potassium Silicate Glasses
Authors: Kaur, Jasleen
Supervisor: Singh, Kulvir
Keywords: Glass;Glass ceramics;X ray diffraction;UV spectroscopy;Raman Spectroscopy
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2022
Abstract: Four potassium silicate with variable calcium and magnesium oxides were synthesized by melt quench technique. The glasses were powdered and then pelletized. The glass pellets were heat treated at 850ºC for 1 and 10 hours to convert them into glass ceramics. The heat treated glassceramics were characterized by X-ray diffraction, Raman Spectroscopy and UV spectroscopy to check the effect of heat treatment on various properties of glass ceramics. After 1 hour heat treatment, the higher MgO (30mol%) in 55SiO2-10K2O-5MgO-30MgO containing glasses were converted in glass ceramics and form the Mg2SiO2 phases. The Raman spectra show the remarkable change as glass converted into the glass ceramics and Raman peaks became sharper. The optical band gap was observed in wide band gap semiconductor range
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