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Title: Microgrid Operation under Various Types of Faults for the Assessment of Power Quality Parameters
Authors: Kaur, Navneet
Supervisor: Kaushal, Jitender
Bhullar, Suman
Keywords: Microgrid;Power quality;Shunt faults;Impulse voltage fault;Photovoltaic (PV) system;Battery energy system (BES)
Issue Date: 9-Sep-2022
Abstract: The effectiveness and cost of a power system can be significantly impacted by power quality. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the electric power which any system consumes is of the proper quality and that the system can operate with the designated power. This dissertation presents a comparison of different faults for analyzing the various power quality parameters in the mid of the distribution line. The microgrid is operating in both islanded mode and grid connected mode which is fed from solar based energy sources. A battery bank is connected to the common bus of solar energy sources and a three-phase two level IGBT-based inverter. The connecting wire from inverter to load is assumed to be an overhead distribution line with a length of 1 km which is a class of short-length transmission lines. Various MATLAB-Simulink blocks are used for the calculation of power quality parameters connected to microgrid for the parallel RL load and non linear load. The system is also put to the test without the availability of solar irradiance. A simulation diagram of the proposed model is developed in MATLAB_R2020a software environment. The results are presented for various conditions such as unavailability of solar irradiance, different categories of faults like Line to ground, line to line, double line to ground, impulse fault and low state-of-charge of the battery unit. In this dissertation work, the introduction of high impulse fault/lightning strike providing the comparison of standard and non-standard waveforms gives a different aspect of analyzing the power quality parameters.
Description: • Modelling and simulation of an LV microgrid system based on PV, BES, and utility grid. • Analyze the power quality-related parameters under various types of shunt faults along with R-L and non-linear loads. • Assessment of the on-grid microgrid system operation under the effect of impulse fault.
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