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Title: Development of Pavement Maintenance Management Strategies for Roads of Bilaspur Town in Himachal Pradesh
Authors: Sharma, Ishan
Supervisor: Chopra, Tanuj
Pathak, Rajesh
Mahadeva Iyer, Balakrishnan
Keywords: PMMS;HDM-4;Quality control;Arterial roads;Pavements
Issue Date: 30-Aug-2022
Abstract: All civil engineering structures deteriorate with time and pavements being no exception undergo deterioration with time. The various factors that influence the deterioration process of pavements include traffic loading, climatic conditions and quality control during construction among others. For this study, the major arterial roads of DHQ Bilaspur of H.P. are selected for evaluation and inspection purposes. Most of the damages and failures were caused by disintegration like loss of aggregate, potholes, stripping etc. The proposed PMMS methodology includes: identification and selection of the urban road network, collection of field data and database management, and calibration and validation of HDM-4 pavement deterioration models for local conditions. The procedures and equipment used for collection of various kinds of field data on different pavement sections of DHQ Bilaspur have been described. The data for vehicle fleet plying on the road network, maintenance and rehabilitation activities, cost data for various types of M&R works, and the road user cost data, as obtained from field and relevant government publications has been presented. The time series pavement distress data of cracking, reveling, potholes, rutting and roughness have been collected. The project level analysis included determination of optimum maintenance & rehabilitation, comparison of scheduled and condition responsive maintenance strategy and estimating remaining service life of urban road sections. The optimum maintenance strategies have been determined based on highest NPV/Cost ratio.
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