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dc.contributor.supervisorKumar, Ajay-
dc.contributor.authorJaiswal, Updesh Kumar-
dc.descriptionM.E. (Software Engineering)en
dc.description.abstractSoftware testing is an important technique for assurance of software quality and mutation testing is the White -box, fault -based testing technique for Unit testing. For mutation testing usually we generate test data according to one mutant at one time, so for killing all the mutants by this technique large size of test suite required. But in this thesis work we propose a new approach to generate one test data according to multiple mutants that are mutated at the same location or mutated at different locations and this test data can kill multiple mutants at one time. Reachability condition, necessity condition and sufficiency condition are three conditions which must be satisfied for a test data to kill a mutant and the reachability condition and the necessity condition of a mutant can be acquired when the mutant is generated Mutants mutated at the same location have the same reachability conditions and their necessity conditions are of similar structure. For killing multiple mutants we will combine the necessity conditions of some same-location mutants and different-location mutants into one necessity condition and generate one test data to satisfy the shared reachability conditions and the combined necessity condition. We can find the lesser number of test data inputs than all the test data inputs which are used to kill all same location mutants by acquiring , combining, reusing , minimizing and defining the range of all the test data inputs used to kill same-location or different-location mutants. Thus our proposed approach can generate smaller test suite of very less cost that can achieve the same mutation testing score.en
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dc.subjecttest data generation, mutant, mutation testing, mutation operatoren
dc.titleKilling Same and Different Location Multiple Mutantsen
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