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Title: A Study of Magnetohydrodynamic Flow and Heat Transfer Along a Smooth Surface
Authors: Prashu
Supervisor: Nandkeolyar, Raj
Sangwan, Vivek
Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics;Heat Transfer;Spectral Quasilinearization;Casson fluid;Entropy
Issue Date: 30-May-2022
Abstract: The present thesis entitled “A Study of Magnetohydrodynamic Flow and Heat Transfer Along a Smooth Surface” is devoted towards the numerical investigation of the hydromagnetic flow and heat transfer of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid along a stretching surface under the considering different aspects and conditions. The thesis is divided into seven chapters in which Chapter 1 is introductory. Chapter 2 presents the study of the magnetohydrodynamic boundary layer threedimensional transient flow of a Casson fluid along a stretching surface. The effects of Hall current and nonlinear radiation are taken into account. The model discussed in Chapter 2 is extended in Chapter 3 including the presence of Darcy porous medium and convective heat transfer at the surface. In Chapter 3,anumericalanalysisispresented to investigate the effects of Hall current and radiative heat transfer on the unsteady three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic flow of a Casson fluid flowing over a stretching surface with convective boundary conditions in a porous medium. Chapter 4 is devoted to investigating the two-dimensional transient two-phase flow of a couple-stress dusty fluid along a porous surface in the presence of a magnetic field. Moreover, the heat transfer phenomenon is investigated under heat source/sink and viscous dissipation effects. An entropy generation analysis is carried out in Chapter 5 on the hydromagnetic three-dimensional stagnation point flow of a Casson fluid along a stretching surface under the effects of viscous dissipation, Hall current, and radiation. Chapter 6 deals with the study of the magnetohydrodynamic two-dimensional flow of a viscous fluid along a curved stretching sheet in a non-Darcy porous medium under the influence of thermal radiation. The physical models of the different problems considered in the thesis include nonlinear radiative heat transfer, non-uniform heat generation/absorption, convective heating, Hall current, and viscous dissipation effects. In order to investigate the effects of the pertinent flow parameters, at first, the mathematical model is developed in terms of nonlinear coupled partial differential equations and suitable boundary conditions. The governing nonlinear partial differential equations modeling the problem’s flow and heat transfer phenomenon are transformed to a similar form using a suitable similarity transformation. The nonlinear ordinary differential equations resulting from the transformation are treated with the spectral-based method, namely the spectral quasi-linearization method (SQLM), and Matlab’s in-built boundary value problem solver bvp4c. The effects of several physical parameters such as radiation, heat generation/absorption, porosity, magnetic field, unsteadiness, Hall current, etc., on the flow and heat transfer are discussed using graphs and tables. The flow-field and the associated momentum and thermal boundary layers are found to be significantly affected by these parameters. The crucial findings and the future scope of the present thesis are discussed in Chapter 7.Theworkpresentedinthethesishasseveralpracticalimplications in the fluid engineering problems and technological fields.
Description: Ph.D. Thesis
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