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Title: Pressure and Stress Distribution Analysis of Centrifugal Pump
Authors: Rajdev, Karan
Supervisor: Kumar, Satish
Khanna, Kishore
Keywords: Simulation, Centrifugal Pump;Pressure and Stress Distribution
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2008
Abstract: Conventional design methods of centrifugal pump are largely based on the application of empirical and semi-empirical rules along with the use of available information in the form of different types of charts and graphs in the existing literature. The program developed in this present work is the best suitable for low specific speed radial centrifugal pump. Same program is also suitable for the design of high specific speed and multistage centrifugal pump with few modifications. As the design of centrifugal pump involve a large number of interdependent variables, several other alternative designs are possible for same duty. Hence theoretical investigation supported by accurate experimental studies of the flow through the pump. For the simulation computer program code has been developed which permits wide range of variables to be investigated. A numerical model of an impeller has been successfully generated for calculating pressure distribution of flow fields by using Ansys-CFX code. Simulation results are obtained at blade streamwise location, meridional surface, also stress analysis by using Finite Element Method
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