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Title: Calibration of LED Lighting System for Crop Specific Utilization
Authors: Jain, Vandana
Supervisor: Jana, Soumendu
Keywords: Tissue Culture;Solid State Lightning;Artificial Lightning;Calibration of Indoor Lightning
Issue Date: 17-Aug-2020
Publisher: TIET
Abstract: The use of LED lighting for horticulture and tissue culture applications is one of the biggest advancements in recent times. LED light is a key component of agriculture in a controlled environment, which allows the growth of crops at any time of the year. As the process of photosynthesis does not make the effective use of light of full spectrum, the right choice of colour of LEDs can produce required wavelength of sufficient photon fluxes. In this project, we developed a methodology which can be utilized to design an LED panel with LEDs available in an open market. We consider different ratios of LEDs which will be suitable for different crops. Some examples has been added at the end. The design has full flexibility in terms of number of LEDs, intensities of the individual LEDs, colour and even the dark on and off (dark) period. Thus, we have complete command on the photon supply to the crops. As a result, the outcome of the thesis can be utilized for the experimental and thereafter commercial fabrication of an LED panel for various crops.
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