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Title: Electrochemical studies of Schiff-base derived mononuclear copper complex in the presence of acid
Authors: Jemini
Supervisor: Kumar, Davinder
Keywords: hydrogen production;schiff-base;mono nuclear copper complex;catalytic current;electrocatalyst
Issue Date: 18-Oct-2019
Abstract: The greatest challenges that are faced by today’s generation is shortage of energy sources Scientists has emphasized their efforts for the production of clean, environment friendly and sustainable sources of energy. There is concern that the emission of harmful gases will deplete the ozone layer and increase temperature which leads to global warming. Hydrogen is a promising alternative energy carrier fuel since it is a renewable contains high energy content and do not show participation to the green house effect also, the most abundant element in the universe. There are various techniques for hydrogen production which includes various biological methods as there is formation of various side products numerous challenges are related with these techniques. It is essential to develop an appropriate electrocatalyst which can produce chemicals selectively with high faradic efficiency. Electrocatalysts based on Noble metals such as Pt, Pd, and Ru are good towards hydrogen evolution but are not in application because of their high cost. Recently, studies have been made using earth abundant metal complexes. In the current studies, copper based complex are found to be attractive and it had been used for electrochemical reduction of protons to produce hydrogen. We have synthesized copper electrocatalyst and studied its electrochemical properties in presence of acids giving TOF 3.1s-1 at an overpotential of 90 mV. Also, the reaction is proved to be diffusion controlled at different scan rates all these studies showed the possibility of catalyst towards the hydrogen evolution. However, controlled potential coulometry (CPC) coupled with gas chromatography studies will confirm the hydrogen evolution.
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