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Title: Isolation of Volatile Organic Compounds Producing Endophytic Fungi from Kanak Champa (Pterospermum Acerifolium (L.) Wild)
Authors: Singh, Bimalpreet
Supervisor: Saxena, Sanjai
Keywords: Volatile Organic Compounds;Endophytic Fungi;Kanak Champa;Mycofumigation
Issue Date: 24-Sep-2019
Abstract: The reduction of losses in post-harvest produce is an imminent global issue which demands a greater attention to achieve food security in all over world. Development and deployment of a Volatile antimicrobial agent (VOC’s) producing packaging paper/ sachets/ soft cardboard boxes, so that it does not allow microbial spoilage of the fresh farm produce is the proposed cost effective technology since, microbes are primarily responsible the postharvest losses due to variations in temperature and humidity of storage. Physical factors like Temperature & Humidity play an important role in the deterioration of the post-harvest produce; however the major players are microbe’s viz. spoilage and pathogens. These organisms drive the process of deterioration, reducing the numbers or killing spoilage microbes and pathogens will drastically curtail the deterioration process even if temperature and humidity cannot be stringently controlled, thereby enhancing the shelf life of post-harvest produce especially fruits and vegetables. The current study is performed to isolate novel species of endophytic fungi which produces volatile organic compounds having the potential to inhibit the growth of several pathogens so that they can be used as bio fumigant. The isolation of endophytic fungi is performed from the leaves of Pterospermum acerifolium against a culture of Muscodor sp. (16AMLWLS) as it is reported that the leaves of P. acerifolium possess antimicrobial activity. After performing various volatile assays, the three cultures viz. PALPTL 12, PALAS 17 and PALAS 19 were found to be more potent as compare to others, showing more than 70% inhibition against all the 12 tested plant pathogenic microbes which can cause deterioration in fruits and vegetables. Based on our results, the novel sterile endophytic fungus is compatible with the Mycofumigation potential and can be used in commercial purpose of table grapes and could significantly enhance their shelf life.
Description: M.Sc Thesis
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