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Title: Study and Comparison of Various Sorting Algorithms
Authors: Pandey, Ramesh Chand
Supervisor: Goel, Shivani
Keywords: Sorting Algorithms
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2008
Abstract: Sorting is an important data structure operation, which makes easy searching, arranging and locating the information. We have discussed about various sorting algorithms with their comparison to each other. We have also try to show this why we have required another sorting algorithm, every sorting algorithm have some advantage and some disadvantage. Some sorting algorithms are problem oriented and their performance and efficiency depend on the problem. We have discussed various notations for calculating the complexity of sorting algorithm. We have also discussed about fundamental sorting algorithm and advance sorting algorithm with their advantage and disadvantage. There is various applications and classification of sorting algorithms, discussed in the starting. We have compared the sorting algorithm on the basis of various important factors, like complexity, memory, method etc. After studying various sorting algorithms; I found that there is no such sorting algorithm which works on the basis of the priority, means if we want specific data display first after that general data. So in the last we have told about problem statement their solution and implementation. We have proposed sorting algorithm, which work on the basis of priority. Which specific data we want sort first, we will assign it priority so according the priority data will be display. We have implemented our proposed algorithm in C language, and various future works related to sorting algorithms and proposed algorithm will be cover soon in near future.
Description: M.E. Computer Science and Engineering
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