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Title: Laboratory Investigations and Performance Evaluation of Open Graded Friction Course (OGFC): Porous Asphalt Pavement
Authors: Suneha
Supervisor: Pathak, Rajesh
Chopra, Tanuj
Issue Date: 18-Sep-2019
Abstract: Open graded friction course (OGFC)/porous asphalt mixture consists of an open gradation of coarse size aggregate with less percentage of fines. The OGFC mixture has different benefits such as permeability of surface increases, noise reduction, storage of storm water, skid resistance and many more benefits. For fully understand the properties of porous asphalt mixes, investigation should be conducted from different perspectives. This study has carried out to investigate the different laboratory test that includes the Air Void percentage, Drain Down test, Cantabro Abrasion Loss test, volumetric properties and the performance of OGFC mix simultaneously. In this study, the design gradation of aggregates has selected as per NAPA IS-115. The bitumen of VG-30 has been used for all work done during the study. The Mix design method of Marshall Mix has been used to evaluate the properties of OGFC mix. For the determination of OBC, the specification as per NCHRP 640 Open Graded Friction Course (OGFC) Mixture has preferred. From the observation, it is clear that the binder content of 5.5% fulfils the entire requirement recommended for OGFC mix. The required experiments have satisfied all the criteria at the binder content 5.5. The result of Air void percentage has maximum voids at the OBC. As the result concluded, the performance permeability test value increases with the increase of binder content percentage upto the optimum value has obtained and further, the permeability decrease with increase of binder content. As the same trend, the stability value has obtained. But the flow value increases with the binder content percentage increase. The test result for Durability has minimum value at OBC and further, the abrasion loss percentage start increases. As the same trend, the Drain down result value has obtained. This study evaluates the performance of OGFC mix in the laboratory and resulted in adequate durability and permeability that suits for Indian climate. The hydraulic design for depth of reservoir for soil type of sand, gravel and clay are 11.88, 7.65 and 15.24inches.The structural design for thickness of porous asphalt layer for soil type of sand, gravel and clay with respect to reservoir thickness are 7.8, 9 and 7.7inches whereas, with respect to design traffic of (1) 2500000 ESALs are 4.55, 4.87 and 4inches; (2) 1000000 ESALs are 5.9, 6.47 and 5.5inches; (3) 3000000 ESALs are 6.3, 7.05 and 6.25inches.
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