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Title: Generation and Dynamics of Cavity Soliton in VCSEL Using Interband and Intraband Graphene Saturable Absorber
Authors: Gupta, Komal
Supervisor: Jana, Soumendu
Keywords: Cavity Soliton;Graphene Saturable absorber;interbabd transition;intrababd transition
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2019
Publisher: TIET
Abstract: In this thesis we study theoretically formation of cavity soliton in Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) with graphene saturable absorber. Saturable absorber of graphene can be generated through interband and intraband mechanism. The role of both of these interband and intraband has been identified in generation and dynamics of cavity soliton in VCSEL. We show the existence and dynamics and interactions of two or more cavity solitons in infrared and far infrared regions. The effect of replacing a common semiconductor saturable absorber by graphene saturable absorber is highlighted. For greater strength of graphene saturable absorber reduces the required feedback strength. The interaction of cavity solitons for different phase difference and gaps are demonstrated. A comprehensive stability analysis of cavity soliton based on VCSEL embedded with saturable absorber is also done. Parametric zones for stable and unstable cavity solitons are identified. The results obtained by the investigation may lead to experimental realization of cavity soliton with graphene saturable absorber.
Description: M Sc Thesis
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