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Title: Silver Nanoparticle deposited screen printed electrodes coated with Schiff base ionophores as voltammetric sensors for Fe (II) and Fe (III)
Authors: Subhay
Supervisor: Mittal, Susheel
Keywords: screen printed electrode;nanoparticle;cyclic voltamogram;differential pulse
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2019
Abstract: In this study, voltammetric sensors for the detection of ferrous and ferric ions developed have been presented.Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) were electrochemically deposited on screen printed electrode. Further, schiff base was drop-coated on AgNPs modified SPE. Some parameters like concentration of silver nitrate, deposition potential, deposition time were optimized before carry out further studies. Modification of the probe was characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), and cyclic voltammetry (CV) methods. Change in the redox behavior before and after complexation provided indication about the sensing and analyzed using CV and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV). AgNPs provided better surface for the deposition of organic moiety. JS-2 modified AgNPs-SPE was used for the sensing of ferrous ions, whereas JS-3 modified AgNPs-SPE detected ferric ions in aqueous medium. JS-2/AgNPs modified SPE detect Fe (II) in the detection range0.0 mM to 70.3mM with detection limit0.19 mM and JS-3/AgNPs modified SPE detect Fe (III) ions in working range of0.0 mM to 42.8mM with limit of detection 1.73 mM The proposed sensors worked well even in the presence of interfering ions. Practical applicability of the sensors was explored by using them for the detection of target ions in real-life samples.
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