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Title: Application of Bloom Filter in NDN
Authors: Kaur, Harpreet
Supervisor: Batra, Shalini
Keywords: Bloom Filter;NDN;Similarity Search
Issue Date: 7-Aug-2019
Abstract: In this thesis, optimal managing of the NDN router limit caching space and improved NDN data storage, data packet forwarding is proposed, and improvement in routing performance. In addition, the interest packet name searching in CS, PIT, and FIB is given the longest-prefix matching strategy in the NDN router, and the name sizes with different name contents differ. Moreover, some name sizes can reach hundreds of octets and thus will need a large caching space. Therefore, name searching in CS is more complex than that of IP based networks and requires a longer time. Optimizations of caching techniques are compared and data content searching in CS are critical issues is addressed. The existing NDN caching optimization approaches have low caching efficiency and a slow data-content searching speed. To overcome these limitations, a Bloom-filter-based caching approach is proposed in this project to promote the caching efficiency and data content searching speed.
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