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Title: TUDocChain-Securing Academic Certificate Digitally on Blockchain
Authors: Sugandha
Supervisor: Rani, Rinkle
Keywords: Blockchain;Ethereum;Smart Contract;IPFS;GAS
Issue Date: 7-Aug-2019
Abstract: Blockchain is an integral distributed public ledger technology, which uses the consensus algorithm and cryptography techniques to devise the characteristics of decentralization, traceability, immutability and tamper-proof ledger. Blockchain is the main technology behind the cryptocurrency. Now it is applied in many fields including education, IOT and Risk management. Blockchain allows digital information has been distributed on different nodes that increase the transparency and security of documents. Digital Documents become a part of organization, institution and educational field whether public or private. Digital Documents not only authorize the transition of information but also maintain the data in digital form. Academic Certificates approve the procurement of learning outcome. Certificates become necessary for people’s professional careers. It is essential to save these certificates in long-term available and tamper proof ledgers. A Blockchain stores transaction in a confirmable and persistent way, therefore it is appropriate to save certificate or learning certification. Blockchain divulge fraud of certificates and it substructure learning records. This is accomplished by keeping digital crypto-hashes of learning certificates and controlling authorization integrity through the development of smart contract on Blockchain. TUDocChain is the platform that entitle authorize the academic certificates on public ledger in a reliable and sustainable format. TuDocChain is implemented on Ethereum Blockchain. All the academic certificates managed by the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) in an address form. Blockchain does not store the records in original form it secures the data using hash value. Blockchain maintains the privacy of documents as well as the privacy of individual identities. In TuDocChain system issuer secure the document on Blockchain using distributed web i.e. IPFS. Students as a receptor view their documents on framework. It provides additional feature of verification of documents. The third party or authority wants to verified the student’s documents, they verified using the address of certificates. TUDocChain is a platform provide the transparency and privacy feature using Blockchain technology.
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