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Title: Energy Efficient Route Planning for Electric Vehicle
Authors: Singh, Jagpreet
Supervisor: Kumar, Ravinder
Keywords: EV;fuel;Internal Combustion Engines;Electric charging
Issue Date: 7-Aug-2019
Abstract: In recent years electric vehicles have gained significant attention of world leaders due to growing concerns of the pollution caused by exhaust emissions of conventional Internal Combustion Engines & depletion of fuel reserves. Enforcement of strict emission norms for conventional vehicles will not help much because of the ever increasing demand for more vehicles has balanced the effect. Electric vehicles are propelled by electric motors that uses electricity as a fuel which is stored in the form electric charge in batteries. Conventional vehicles can take any path from source to destination. Usually conventional vehicle selects a path having minimum distance or minimum travelling time between source and destination. But for electrical vehicles path selected must have minimum energy consumption while travelling from source to destination. In this thesis a novel model has been proposed, To deal with problem of path selection for electric vehicle. Traditional algorithms used to determine shortest path have been analyzed and compared according to their features. In the proposed model energy consumption predicted, based upon many parameters such as Elevation changes, Regenerative breaking system, Distance from source to destination and speed limits. A road map in the form of graph presented and proposed algorithm implemented to determine shortest path for electric vehicle. It has been proved that path between source and destination having minimum travel time or minimum distance cannot be a shortest path for electric vehicle.
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