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Title: Reliability and Availability Analysis of Piston Ring Manufacturing Plant
Authors: Kaur, Jasleen
Supervisor: Lal, Arvind Kumar
Keywords: Reliability;Availability;Repair Rate;Failure Rate;Chapman Kolmogorov differential equation
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2019
Abstract: The Thesis titled “RELIABILITY AND AVAILABILITY ANALYSIS OF PISTON RING MANUFACTURING PLANT” is an endeavor to build up a mathematical model for evaluates the reliability of piston ring manufacturing plant. First chapter is introductory in nature. A short overview of literature available on this topic is likewise examined in this section. In second Chapter, we have discussed the behavior analysis of Piston ring manufacturing plant. The entire procedure comprises of nine sub-systems-Rough Section, Finish Section, Chrome Section (plating), Chrome Finish Section, Coil Widing, Moly Section, CNC Section, Quality Assurance/Inspection Department, and Tool Store. In this thesis, we have considered Rough section only. Rough Section consists of 5 sub-system namely rough grinding, medium grinding, finish grinding, double cam turning & gap cutting, axial width inspection. The mathematical model of this manufacturing industry has been formulated with assistance of markovain technique and Chapman Kolmogorov differential equations. Using available data for repair and failure rate of their sub-system, the procedure has been carried out numerically to obtain reliability of piston ring manufactory plant. The effect of failure and repair rates has been considered in detail with the assistance of graphs and tables. In third chapter, availability has been discussed. The effect of failure and repair rates has been studied in detail with the assistance of graphs and tables. On the availability of this plant, certain conclusions based on the present study are discussed. In view of present study, industrial understanding and future extent of present work have been introduced in the end.
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