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Title: Behaviour Analysis of Rice Manufacturing Plant
Authors: Kaur, Harpreet
Supervisor: Lal, Arvind Kumar
Keywords: Reliability;Availability;Repair rate;Failure rate;Chapman Kolmogorov differential equation
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Abstract: The Thesis titled “BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS OF RICE MANUFACTURING PLANT” is an endeavour to build up a mathematical model for evaluator the reliability and availability of rice manufacturing plant. In the present study, we discuss the reliability of rice manufacturing plant – KRBL Limited Company located in Bhasaur near Dhuri. The entire process includes sub-systems, i.e Storage Bin, Cleaner Machine, Destoner Machine, Whitener Machine, Grader, Sortex Machine, Packing Machine. The mathematical model of this manufacturing industry has been developed with the help of Markovian method. The Chapman-Kolomorgov differential equations. Thus obtained has been solved numerically using Runge-Kutta forth order method for various choices of failure and repair rates of the sub-systems for determines reliability of this manufacturing plant. By using Gauss elimination method we also find the availability of system for the various combination of failure and repair rates of this plant. The outcome of hazard rates (failure rates) and repair rates on the reliability of the system has been studied in detail with the help form tables and graph.
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