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Title: Love Wave Dispersion Relation in Reinforced and Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Medium
Authors: Garg, Divya
Supervisor: Vaishnav, Pramod Kumar
Keywords: Love wave;Phase Velocity;Dispersion Relation;Heterogeneity;Reinforced Medium
Issue Date: 2-Aug-2019
Publisher: Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Patiala
Abstract: The dispersion relation of Love wave propagation in reinforced and inhomogeneous anisotropic medium has been derived in the present work. On Love wave's phase velocity, the effect of reinforced parameters and initial stress has been explained graphically. In particular cases, the standard dispersion relation of Love wave has been obtained in both the problems. This thesis entitled ``Love wave relation in reinforced and inhomogeneous anisotropic medium" is carried out for the study of propagation of Love wave in detail. The thesis contains three major chapters in addition to chapter Bibliography in end. Chapter 1 deals with the introduction for the relevant problems. It gives the explanation of studies in the field of theoretical seismology. In Chapter 2, we considered a reinforced layer of finite thickness lying over inhomogeneous semi-infinite medium. For the displacement in the layer and half-space, we used separation of variable method(for solving second order partial differential equation i.e. governing equation of motion). The presence of reinforced parameters and heterogeneity in the obtained dispersion relation make a significance contribution in the study of Love wave propagation. For the validation of problem, we obtained standard Love wave dispersion relation in the particular cases. The significant effect of reinforced parameter and heterogeneity has been noticed in graphical section. This study plays an important role in the field of material science and mining engineering for searching minerals inside the earth. In Chapter 3, Love wave propagation in an inhomogeneous anisotropic medium has been discussed. In this earth model, we take the inhomogeneous anisotropic superficial layer lying over initially stressed orthotropic semi-infinite medium. Love wave propagation direction is taken along x-direction. The displacement along y-direction has been obtained by solving second order P.D.E. with the help of separation of variable method. The effect of initial stress and heterogeneity parameter is obtained in graphical section. We also obtained the standard Love wave dispersion relation in particular cases. This study is useful for geologists and seismologists.
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