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Title: Efficient Reversible Data Hiding Technique for Digital Images
Authors: Chimpa, Govind Ram
Supervisor: Kasana, Singara Singh
Mehta, Rajesh
Keywords: PSNR, MSE, RDH, Embedding Capacity
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2019
Abstract: The proposed efficient reversible data hiding technique is the extension of Peng et al.’s (2014) technique. In this technique, an original or cover image is divided into nonoverlapped blocks of equal size. Each block is sorted in ascending order and then difference are calculated on the basis of location of the largest and smallest pixel value within the blocks. According to the value of difference, data is embedded in blocks. The difference can be negative or positive. In the Peng et al.’s technique only difference value 0 or 1 are used for data embedding and other difference value are used for create space. But in the proposed method, the difference value -1 is also used for data embedding. This can better exploit image redundancy and achieve a superior embedding performance. The reversibility is guarantees in the proposed method. The proposed efficient work gain superior embedding capacity with low distortion than other existing technique. For low embedding capacity this work performance is likely to equal to Peng et al.’s (2014), and for large embedding capacity this work gives better result than Peng et al.’s (2014) and other reversible data hiding technique. In this proposed scheme image redundancy better exploited and more embedding capacity can be achieved.
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